Caitlin BaileyFront End Developer

Last time I updated was about a month and a half ago, and I wasn't super pleased with my progress recently. I have to say that progress-wise I still haven't made a ton on my list, but I'm still accomplishing a number of things that are making me happy regardless of the list.

I did complete three things since my last post, which is about half of what my goal was (since it's been about 6 weeks):

  1. I used chart.js to create visual representations of the classes in Daughters of the Alliance. I still have to push this one live actually.
  2. I used CSS Grid on the Heroes page for the Hero abilities
  3. I completed my first task for my JS typing game - you can now type each of the words (as well as cancel out of typing words to switch to a different one) and accrue a score.

So what have I been doing with the rest of my time?

Of course, there's still fun not-at-all-related-to-code stuff. I have been known to get stressed when I don't have any downtime, so I've been making sure to make time for gaming. My husband and I have been playing a bunch of Moon Hunters co-op, my raid group in World of Warcraft has been working on achievements, and I've been playing a bunch of Overwatch.

I've also had some freelance work here and there which is keeping me busy.

The biggest thing though is I signed up for Frontend Masters and I've been putting a lot of time into learning. While this doesn't directly complete any of my goals for the year, it does help me toward a bigger goal I've had for ages -- getting a better understanding of computer science concepts and parts of JS I didn't explicitly understand before.