Caitlin BaileyFront End Developer

Well, not only am I a little late on this update but I also dropped the ball recently - big time.

I have reasons/excuses (family visits, VueConf, a vacation) but I'm still disappointed that I let things drop as much as I did.

So what did I actually do?

I started (but did not yet finish) a quick prototype for my Typing of the Dead-esque game, which I tentatively named Say What? So far I've just been working on getting words to be selected and then tracking typing the word.

And... that's all I did!


So now we are 16 weeks into the year, and I've finished 12 things, so I'm 4 weeks behind. Which is about to be expected since I didn't even finish the only thing I started.

My next goal is to not be too hard on myself and to just accept that I didn't do what I wanted to do last month, but to try to do better in the next month!

On the bright side, progress has been made in other areas of my life and I've been doing some cool stuff at work, too!

Our living room walls are now painted (and absolutely gorgeous if I may say so). We have a dark purple accent wall and very light purple (basically white, but I know it's a light purple) for the other 3 walls and it looks fantastic. We're also getting a new tankless water heater put in tomorrow, and looking forward to replacing all of the terrible carpet and tile in the house with brand new flooring. I can't wait to say goodbye to this ugly faded pink carpet forever!

At work, I've been able to work on some really cool Vue stuff. I'm using Single File Components (YAY) and learned how to set up Webpack. Another project, which sometime during its development became my own personal Hell project, has started to turn around with some refactors and a move from AngularJS to Vue for new functionality.

So all in all, really not a great month for my goal of 52 things, but still a good month for other reasons. I'm looking forward to learning how to forgive myself for being busy and to making new progress, and maybe even an on-time blog post.