Caitlin BaileyFront End Developer

I'm a little late on this one! It's halfway through March and I've been continuing to work on my 52 things for the year.

We're currently 11 (nearly 12) weeks into the year and I have managed to complete 12 items. Here are the six I've completed in the last month and a half:

  • Grubby API - I created a simple API that returns pictures of my dog Grubby. You can request certain pictures and can also request them at a certain size. This was inspired by PlaceUnicorn, but I used Node and it can only resize one image at a time so it isn't practical for production. Still, it was good practice writing a very small and simple API.
  • Trying out Webpack - I asked for help for this one from my husband Chris, but I ended up putting together a custom webpack file. I wanted to be able to have Vue components without using the Vue cli, because I wanted to be able to use the web server in Visual Studio that was already set up. I feel like setting it up by hand also really helped me learn some details about Webpack that I wouldn't have learned just using stuff that was already set up for me.
  • Heroes of the Storm character page - I made a simple page about Ana from Heroes of the Storm (and Overwatch). My goal here was to try to do some simple animation, which I did with a cutout I made from the in-game character screen.
  • Deploy a site with Docker - I used dokku to deploy the new Daughters of the Alliance website. Painless! :D
  • Design Patterns - I followed the Udacity Javascript Design Patterns course and learned about the MV* pattern and a way to write them with vanilla javascript, as opposed to using an existing framework like Angular. I think this helped me learn the reason for why that pattern exists, and it definitely helped me learn how I could write some cleaner code in the future regardless of whether I'm using a framework.
  • Accessibility for DotA - Last year I earned an accessibility certification from IAAP and I really want to keep up my learning even if I don't always get the opportunity on work projects. There wasn't a ton to do here yet with mostly just content. I do have a separate line item to try to make the roster accessible to screen readers, since that is a more complicated piece.

I missed 8 days of contribution in February and 5 so far in March (oops, not even halfway through the month). I missed a bunch at the beginning of February because I had a scare with my dog (he escaped the yard and was missing for about a day before we got him back) and work got a bit overwhelming at times. This month, I've just been flaky if I am being honest (plus some overtime has not helped) and then later this month I'm going to VueConf in New Orleans!