So... this isn’t starting at 52 things, but I figure I’ll start with this and I can add other items as I come up with them over the course of the year! The most important thing isn’t whether I’ll be getting through this entire list - it is to keep myself focused on learning new things or experimenting more with things I already know when I don’t have hard timelines or a budget that I have to hit. I’ve also had a healthy backlog going of “stuff I want to do” so I’m hoping this will help me keep track of it while learning new things.

The List

Completed out of so far.

  1. This list and this webpage to help track the progress on this list!
  2. DotA - CMS & Architecture - Pick a node.js CMS for dota website, create the site map.
  3. DotA - Web Design - Design for the website.
  4. DotA - CMS - Learn about theme creation for this CMS and practice basics.
  5. DotA - Theme Development - Develop the theme for the DotA website.
  6. DotA - Writing - Create pages with content (roster page can be left off or with placeholder content)
  7. DotA - Angular JS & API - Build a static guild roster from the API
  8. DotA - Angular JS & API - Add in filtering,sorting, etc of the guild roster
  9. DotA - D3.js - visual representation of classes in dota and other metrics
  10. DotA - Writing & JS - Build a timeline of the history of DotA
  11. - Responsive design - Finish the responsive design for
  12. Pfister Hospitality - Form Validation - Validate the contact form with javascript before submission View page »
  13. - Web performance - Make the site run really well on mobile. Research mobile web performance and make work really well
  14. - Print Stylesheet
  15. - Writing - Write about each of these projects as I complete them
  16. - BootStrap - Make BCF more bootstrap friendly (it's pretty half-assed right now)
  17. - Design - Make the front end for BCF actually designed
  18. - Angular JS - Admin page to help manage whether someone has participated for a book and add extra votes accordingly
  19. jQuery Plugin - Make a responsive homepage slider with swipe and click events
  20. Ghost blog - CSS Animations - experiment with making the blog have more pretty animations to dress up the front end
  21. CSS Art - Make a piece of CSS art (inspired by
  22. Gulp - use gulp to set up useful tasks (compile less/sass, make svg sprites, etc)
  23. Backlog app - backlog list of books, video games, etc I want to read. Let me check them off and add them to a "done" list, rate the, and add descriptions
  24. Online quiz - JavaScript - What WoW class should you play (with hybrids etc)
  25. Crossword puzzle game - JS
  26. Calculator - Build a simple calculator in javascript (+,-,/,*)
  27. Make your own comic - See if I can work with a friend to have a "make your own comic" where you put in dialog for a comic and it gets filled in for an image for you save
  28. Make your own music boxes - HTML5 Audio. View project »
  29. Sitemap creator - JS - Allow you to create a sitemap hierarchy with blocks and lines connecting them. Can export to an actual sitemap xml
  30. Download progress bar
  31. CSS Sprites - Make a graphics intensive site where using many CSS sprites is appropriate
  32. To Do Application - Mobile web app to manage a to do list
  33. Chore To Do List - Track chores (litter box, vacuuming, etc). Award xp for completing tasks (more for harder tasks) and let you level up
  34. Yrel-themed page - Web Design - Design a single page centered around Yrel from WoW. Think about cool effects that could be used to show off how awesome she is.
  35. Yrel-themed page - HTML/CSS/JS - Build out Yrel design
  36. League of Legends minisites - Web Design - Create some themed League of Legends pages that give basic character information but are themed to each character.
  37. Freelance - Uncovered Classics - WordPress Theme - Theme Uncovered Classics per Amy's design. View project »
  38. Freelance - SRNY - Design - Design a mobile responsive theme for SRNY.
  39. Freelance - SRNY - WordPress Theme - Create a theme for SRNY following my own design. View project »
  40. Lazy loading - Experiment with lazy loading